Check out Troolr user Denise Artache of  Sunwest Painting’s and her insight on home decor during the holiday season! Are you getting your home holiday ready? When it comes to transforming homes, you have a lot of options that range from DIY’s, budget-friendly or treating yourself to a splurge purchase. These five fixes use paint to beautify your home and make it look new.


Add an Accent Wall


Adding color to a wall in your home really makes it pop. Whether it is an eclectic look you’re going for, or a refined, elegant home, adding an accent wall can make your home look bigger and more put together.


Repaint your Front Door


A great way to change the look of your home is to paint your front door. Usually, with Exterior paint jobs, the front door matches the scheme of the house. An Accent Front Door will make your home stand out. You can use colors that complement the existing color scheme. For example with gray tones, adding a blue or yellow accent door works really well.


Repainting Mantle and Fireplace


Do you have a brick fireplace? If so, painting your fireplace might be for you. If your fireplace and mantle look old you can repaint them or add a new mantle with modern features. Installing a floating mantle is another great option.


Cabinet Repainting


Replacing your kitchen cabinets can be an expensive project. By repainting your cabinets, you can update the look of your kitchen for a fraction of the cost. Replacing the hardware of the cabinets is also a great way to let your kitchen shine. Whether it is painting or staining, your kitchen will look stunning this Christmas.


Exterior Painting


Treat yourself this Christmas with an exterior paint job. Your home will be the talk of your Christmas party. This project is as easy as picking the phone up and calling your local painting contractor. All you have to do is select colors. Your Christmas lights will really shine with an exterior paint job.


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