A dirty pool is a compact ocean of unfulfilled potential–a polluted waste of space that keeps guests and owners from boundless joy and relief on a hot summer day. A clean pool is an asset–a domestic oasis that automatically makes its owners the life of the party. That difference has major implications, and that’s why we need pool cleaners–to see to it that every last pool out there fulfills its purpose.

Without pool cleaners, there would be no elderly water aerobics classes. Suburban moms would have no place to lay on rafts and drink white wine after sending their kids over to Grandma’s so they could get some “me time.” And finally, without cleaners, a shy twelve-year-old boy would never get the chance to totally almost nail a double backflip off the diving board at Jesse Harrison’s birthday party to impress Carly Gibson enough to want to go to the dance with him even though she’s in eighth grade and kind of dating Jackson Holden who can play “Lips of an Angel” by Hinder on guitar. Those are just three of many completely objective, not at all personal examples of why the world needs its pool cleaners.

But we don’t always give pool cleaners the props they deserve. Nowadays, people are even investing in robots to do the job. Though these machines may be functional and convenient, there’s plenty of services that only a proper professional can offer. Are there any robots out there that can replace filters, pumps, and heaters? How can a robot be expected to have the same attention to detail as the meticulous aquatic sanitation experts we call pool cleaners? There are no robot-friendly answers to those questions, so why on Earth would you ever drop a grand on a robot that’s not going to do half the job a real cleaner can?

Here at Troolr, we understand what pool cleaners need, and we want to help keep pools spotless and the party going. That’s why our service connects contractors like pool cleaners directly with customers, free of charge. You never have to pay for leads; we don’t hide your contact information from prospective clients, and we don’t blindside you with any costs or obstructions that keep you from conducting your business. And Carly, if you’re reading, I can totally do a full double backflip now. I’m also about three quarters done with learning the acoustic version of “Lips of an Angel.” Feel free to find me on Facebook.