As a former yellow belt in karate, I know a thing or two about martial arts… I mean that literally. I know exactly either one or two things about them. My knowledge is limited, and my sensei from when I was five never saw enough potential in me to make me wash his car and stuff like Mr. Miagi did in Karate Kid.

When he slighted me the way he did, he left me furious and dishonored. I still yearn to learn the proper skills and ancient techniques necessary to realize my vengeance on my old instructor, Sensei Mark. I’d find him in his dojo in the strip mall in Danbury, Connecticut next to Quiznos and rain fists upon him with the fury of a thousand disgruntled Thumbtack customers.

I know it sounds weird, but that oddly specific, kind of unsettling fantasy of mine is totally plausible. All I would need is the right instructor. Luckily for me and every other vindictive weirdo still holding a grudge from kindergarten with a grown man who has one hundred percent forgotten everything about them, Troolr provides the perfect forum for martial arts instructors to post their services.

Martial arts instructors can provide structure and guidance to the youth. They can teach otherwise hapless men and women to defend themselves in case of a mugging, and they can keep us in shape in the most badass way possible.

With all that in mind, it’s fair to say that martial arts instructors are criminally underrated. How are we not constantly in awe of this wayward children-guiding, adult-protecting, fat-burning heroes that look out for us?

Here at Troolr, we ask that question all the time. That’s why we want to do everything we can to help martial arts instructors expand their businesses and connect with new clients. Our service can connect a Mr. Miagi to a Karate Kid for free–no charging you for leads and no signup fee. We also let you get in touch with users directly without meddling with or obstructing your transactions.

Connect your dojo with Troolr today.