Hot-n-toT is one of the most prominent promotion companies in Miami. They offer a number of services, but at the end of the day, they are in the business of giving people the time of their lives.

The company can link you up with models, design your logo, or just flat out make your party go off—among other things. But slinging good times and memories does not come without effort and dedication. All that play is the byproduct of hard work, and there is a man at the center of it all who can be all business when he needs to be. That man is Christopher Wright, but his friends call him Red.

Christopher founded both Hot-n-toT and his own personal brand, Crimson Inkorporated, in 2012. He had previously worked for various companies in the service industry. According to him his time working in that sector clued him into the massive opportunity that would ultimately launch his current career.

“I noticed a need that I could fill. It’s Miami’s slow season. Many businesses suffer from it, so I created Hot-n-toT to combat it.”

Six years on from its inception, it is safe to say that Hot-N-Tot has done a great job of filling that void. But results like that do not come easy, and Chris is well aware. He credits his relentless work ethic as being crucial to Hot-n-Tot’s success. In that vein, he has a couple of mottos he lives by including:

“Easy is already done. Difficult takes a day. Impossible takes a week,” and, “No excuses. You don’t have your word. You ARE your word.”

If those words are any indication, it is obvious that Chris does not rest until his business is the best it can be, but what is he working for? I asked him what his primary motivation is and he had this to say:

“What motivates me most is the chance to be a part of the unique scene that makes Miami culture special. Our lifestyle industry. Our small, local businesses are often referred to as ‘exotic’ or ‘specialty’  which is all inclusive with Miami’s charm. So my role in helping these businesses shine and thrive give Hot-n-toT purpose and fuels my drive.”

That kind of motivation is as unique as it is noble, and it is certainly enough to keep Christopher on his grind. But what comes next for him and his business? Well, he has some big ideas. He talked about expanding beyond Miami and let me in on a big plan for the near future:

“I’m planning a pageant for all of my models and clients. Hopefully in time for Art Basel.”

As interesting as the business end of Christopher’s life is, I would be remiss if this interview only touched on the “behind the scenes” aspects of what he does. Like I said before, he runs a business that sells good times, and that is certainly worth talking about. I asked him to tell me about the craziest party he has ever promoted. He said,

“Our wildest party was a weekly event at Fadó called Pub Quiz. There were a lot of games involved and some of the prizes were free drinks. We’re all about free drinks.”

I also wanted to know what his ideal party would involve. He gave me a simple, but pretty spot on answer.

“Lots of drinking, dancing, socializing, shenanigans and live streaming.”

Christopher’s job is essentially the lovechild that “working hard” and “playing hard” would make if they ended up meeting at one of his parties. It is a grind. It is tough, but I imagine it is totally worth it when he sees a local business or event he promoted packed with people having the time of their lives. But there is much more to Christopher than that. When asked what he would what the world to know about him, he said this:

“I’m all about family and growth. I believe in collaboration over competition. Working with me means working with my network. I love helping my clients succeed.”

And for any of you out there trying to crack the promotion industry, Christopher has some advice:

“Be unique and original. That’s more important than making more money, and it will give you longevity.”

We are excited to have Christopher and Hot-n-toT here on Troolr. Check out his profile at