When I was a kid, I wanted to be a lizard. All my friends wanted to be astronauts or professional athletes, but none of that stuff ever did it for me. My five-year plan out of high school was to go to a good school, travel as much as I could, meet the love of my life, and then get a steady job as a lizard.

As I got older, however, I came to realize that becoming a lizard isn’t all that easy. It’s hard to spontaneously grow a tail, and very few universities have solid Lizardry programs anymore. My dream, for all intents and purposes, was beyond my reach.

That’s where face painters come in. They can ensure that my dream isn’t completely in vain. Sure, I may never literally be a lizard, but if I go to a child’s birthday party with a solid face painter, I can at least pretend.

I can look just like one, and if I’m really feeling it, I can start crawling around and eating bugs–even if doing all that means no longer welcome at that birthday party or ever allowed around the family who threw it again.

Face painters provide an easy way to liven up any celebration. Kids always welcome the chance to try on another skin for a couple hours, and adults love the boundless potential for zany Instagram posts of their faces drawn up to look like frogs and lions.

Here at Troolr, we recognize the value of the face painting trade. We honor the party-making Picassos that turn any drab celebration into a pop-up art exhibition.

That’s why we do everything in our power to find them work. Our service connects contractors like face-painters directly with customers, free of charge. You never have to pay for leads; we don’t hide your contact information from prospective clients, and we don’t blindside you with any costs or obstructions that keep you from conducting your business.

I may never realize my dream, but I am willing to do just about anything to empower the heroes that can make me feel reptilian–if only for a few hours.