Electricity gives us light. It put us on the moon. It is woven into the fabric of any and all innovation and human achievement.

Electricity is actual magic that we’ve come to take for granted, and electricians are the wizards that best know how to control it. These every day sorcerers are more important than we can even begin to realize, so it’s an absolute shame that the respect and appreciation they get aren’t even remotely proportional to their social value.

It’s understood that every occupation is a cog in the machine that sustains a functional society. If one cog stops, the machine’s inner workings get messed with. So if every member of any given profession stops going to work, it’s a problem, but there are some professions that bear more weight than others. If every electrician in the country woke up one morning and thought, “Eh, I’m just not feeling the whole ‘work’ thing today,” it wouldn’t just be a problem; it would be a catastrophe.

Without electricians, society as we know it would crumble. No electricians mean no electricity. No electricity means rioting, looting, pillaging, and outright anarchy. Have you seen the news when there’s a blackout in New York?

Like I said, electricians are wizards. They deserve the same respect, appreciation, and astonishment that guys like Harry Potter and Gandalf get.

That’s how we feel here at Troolr. We do our best to treat these magicians right. Our service connects contractors like electricians directly with customers, free of charge. We don’t charge for leads; we don’t hide your contact information from prospective clients, and we don’t blindside you with any costs or obstructions that keep you from conducting your business.

So to the sorcerers that keep the lights on, we hear you, we appreciate you, and we respect the hell out of you. Keep up the good work.