Imagine that your best friend hadn’t bathed or gotten a haircut for months. Imagine that his favorite hobbies were rolling around in dirt and sprinting barefoot around your backyard. Imagine that he lived at your house, crashed on your couch, and eagerly introduced himself to every last houseguest that came through your front door. Wouldn’t you be embarrassed? Wouldn’t you be frustrated? Wouldn’t you want to do something about his utter disregard for you, your reputation, and hygiene in general? Well, this seemingly outrageous hypothetical is totally within the realm of normalcy. Dogs are man’s best friend, and that’s just how dogs operate.

Sure, I guess you could argue that dogs technically “aren’t actually people” and probably “shouldn’t be held to the same hygienic standards as human beings,” but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be subject to any standards at all. That’s where dog groomers come in. They ensure that your best friend isn’t just someone you only feel comfortable gelling with when no one else is around.

Dog groomers are artists. They take a mangy, four-legged, furry canvas and transform it into a handsome, stunning, at the very least presentable masterpiece. An ungroomed dog can be a living, breathing, home-defiling liability. A properly groomed one is worth calling a best friend. The work of a solid dog groomer is the difference between the two.

That’s why we here at Troolr do everything we can to empower the men and women who turn dogs from grimy trash creatures to show-caliber spectacles. Our service connects contractors like dog groomers directly with customers, free of charge. You never have to pay for leads; we don’t hide your contact information from prospective clients, and we don’t blindside you with any costs or obstructions that keep you from conducting your business.

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