As a startup company located in the bay area, we are no stranger to the effects of the raging fires. However, smoky air and hazy sunsets are nothing compared to the experience of the Californians living in the Butte and Los Angeles counties. The fires have destroyed homes, ended lives and engulfed wildlife. The cause of the fires are still unknown however there are indications that Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) hold some culpability with regard to the Camp fire in the north, for failing to properly maintain their power lines.



Fire Containment, what does it mean?

The term often associated with firefighting is containment. The term is meant to give the public an idea of how much control the firefighters have over the fire. However, containment does not mean elimination. I fire that is 100% contained means that the firefighters managed to create a perimeter that surrounds the entire fire. The fire may continue to burn within the perimeter for weeks or even months depending on the severity.

Despite this, a contained fire is considerably less dangerous than an uncontained fire. The men and women working to control deserve nothing but respect and recognition for their dangerous work.


The Camp fire

The Camp fire located in northern California is blazing just outside of Sacramento. As of today, November 14, CNN reports that more than 100 people are missing. The fire has killed at least 48 people and that number is continuously rising.

SFGate reports that President Donald Trump has pledged to provide national aid despite his initial criticism. In a tweet, President Trump threatened to cut off federal aid to California because of poor forest management.

The cooling air temperatures have helped firefighters to contain the fire and prevent it from continuing to spread. CBS reports that the Camp fire is 35% contained having burned a total of 135,000 acres.


The Woolsey Fire

While the Camp fire rages in the north, Southern California is fighting the Woolsey fire. Located in Los Angeles and Ventura counties the fire is 47% contained with 2 fatalities reported by CBS News.

While this fire is not as deadly as the Camp fire in the north, it has destroyed hundreds of homes and structures. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Neil Young are all victims, their homes burned to the ground leaving nothing but ashes. Other celebrity victims include singer Robin Thicke, and actors Liam Hemsworth and Gerard Butler.

Some celebrities have taken matters into their own hands. TMZ reports that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian-West hired a team of personal firefighters to prevent the fire from engulfing their home. According to TMZ, these firefighters managed to save the house as well as the rest of the neighborhood as the Kardashian-West household is in a cul-de-sac on the edge of a field that would have allowed the fire to spread if left uncontained.



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